A thought from me to you

By R.H.Ali


On this day I pen to you

The words I need to say

The ones that are always there

And the ones that guide the way


It’s a simple thing, you and me,

But yet there’s so much complexity

I love you so, with a love so true

And I’m scared babe, of losing you


It’s not a simple fear, you see,

Because you fear it too

And I hope that someday we can find the key

To seal our fate and destiny


As for now, this need so great,

Which binds me to you

Has left us in this happy state

With a love so very true


You mean the world to me

And even though I know

That’s very clichéd you see

My being shows me so


Like a deep love poem

With just the right rhyme

Your love touches my heart deeply

And is always on my mind


A single soul dwelling in two bodies we are

Without you no doubt, I’d be lost

We’ve reached this far

And I’ll keep you no matter what the cost


Like a sexy black dress

With just the right fit

Your love makes me feel beautiful

Like I’m “Miss IT”


Our love will last long

And will be lengthy and lovable

Like a beautiful song

Which makes a baby giggle


Our love is

An adventure true

One that may have perils

And hurdles too


But together we’ll make it

Because that’s what we do

Always and forever

Just me and you


I need you and that’s all that matters

With our love nothing can go wrong

Love is a friendship set to music

So come, let the music play on.



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