Dare To Be Different

By RHAli

Written @ 14 years old (i.e. back in the day)


What would it be like?

He wanted to know,

To be different

And let his creative juices flow.


He dreamed of being at the top,

And not like anyone else,

To be successful,

And do his best.


And when he says everyone,

It’s his family he means,

He loves them so very dearly,

But they hardly take heed.


They live in a small, rundown, old shack,

On the side of the road,

Next to drug pushers

And people who often get into rows.


His mom and dad hardly have time

Their numerous children,

All at one time

Trying their hardest not to commit a crime.


No one is successful

lBut he tries to be,

As different from everyone else,

As different as he can be.


He tried his best,

And did succeed,

So he tried some more, and pushed harder

To reach his further goals and dreams.


Over the years he toiled

And toiled,

Worked harder than ever,

Burnt lots of midnight oil.


He is now at the CXC level

And just got his results,

He tried to keep calm,

But celebration is a must.


He received five distinctions,

Two ones and one two,

His smile was as broad as ever,

He was elated at the news.


His parents were so proud

With this news so new,

Showered him with love

Oh, so very true.


Now, he is in hot pursuit

Of the A level examinations

To give his best

And get a few more distinctions.


So try your best,

To be at the top,

Keep at your work

And never give up.


If you aspire to be all that you can be,

You will be amazed at what you can do,

If you try your best

And show the real you.


So dare to be different

And not like the rest,

Work hard,

And be the best!



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