Darwinism and Islam

This article is merely a culmination of information from my research on the topic. It in no way is intended to attack any beliefs and philosophies one may have. I respect everyone’s viewpoint on the issue. But of course, to each his own. Happy reading! Where did we come from? We pose this question to ourselves to find our ancestry …our belonging… a place we may begin our historical journey as a people in our minds. Whatever our reason, it is a crucial question we all must ponder. It is a duty on us all, as a part of mankind to seek knowledge. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever seeks a way to acquire knowledge Allah will make easy his way to Paradise.” [Sahîh Muslim (2699)]So it is incumbent that we all seek to find the truth and expand our knowledge on all things. Surely our knowledge should not be limited to what is deemed “islamic” knowledge, but as we should all be aware, Allah is the creator of all things and phenomena. Thus the study of the world we live in is crucial material we must be familiar with.Indeed Allah has put for us, everything succinctly in one place; our guide; The Holy Qur’an. In it we find scientific facts proven only years ago. This being the main cause for much scientists reverting to Islam. One demonstration of this is the way in which Allah describes what is known today as the “Big Bang” which is deemed to have formed the universe in which we live. Modern science suggests that at a point in time the entire universe was made of nothing but a cloud of an opaque highly dense and hot gaseous composition or ‘smoke.’Allah says in the Qur’an, “Then He turned to the heavens when it was smoke..” [The Noble Quran 41:11] thus suggesting that the universe was indeed only a mass of gas. Then Allah goes on, “Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were once a connected entity, then we separated them?” [The Noble Qur’an 21:30] Because the earth and the heavens above were formed from this same ‘smoke’ we conclude that they both were a connected entity and then with the “Big Bang,” they were separated out into the complex design it is today. This was discovered years upon years after the revelation of the Holy Qur’an in the month of Ramadan so many years ago. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) could not have known or made up any of the facts presented in the Holy Qur’an. He was illiterate and there was no way anyone at that time could use their imagination to record these phenomena with such accuracy as is being proven today. Additionally, the Holy Qur’an has not ever been altered and it remains, as it will remain, untouched by outside forces in the hearts and minds of Muslims as the true word of God. The Qur’an teaches us that man was created by Allah beginning with Adam. Followed by Eve or Ḥawwāh from Adam’s rib. The rest of humanity was created from them as stated the in following ayah: “O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women.” [The Holy Qur’an 4:1]This verse tells us that the beginning of life was a single soul, then its mate came out of it. Biological science tells us that the earliest form of life was represented by single cell organisms found in water, then these multiplied by splitting themselves. With the course of time, reproduction started to be by mating pairs, instead of the archaic forms of splitting or dividing.This however, goes directly against any Darwinism theory. But it is important to note where the term “Darwinism” came from. Charles Darwin was a renowned scientist of his time, and arguably of ours as well. He promoted many theories of which one became his most famous; that of evolution. Throughout a voyage, Darwin discovered numerous fossils of creatures which were alike but different in fundamental ways. His theory was that the animals (or plants) best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce, passing on the characteristics which helped them survive to their offspring. Gradually, the species changes over time. This we may call adaptation which of course is essential for survival. That is, an organism will do what it needs to do to adapt to its surroundings for survival. However, at no point in time did Darwin himself ever say that our human species was evolved from apes.If you do the relevant research, you will find that Darwin never suggested the evolution of apes to human, rather, this was deemed the “logical” outcome of his theory and was advocated by atheists as they saw and jumped on an opportunity to promote their belief that man was not created by a supreme being, but rather, just evolved from an already existing species. Of course any real logical thinker would then ask “who created the apes?” and so on and so on, until the beginning of time is reached and then what? Did the universe just always exist? Existentialist thinkers may just think that way, however there is so much scientific proof leading to another conclusion; the creationist point of view: Allah is the creator of all the worlds. Additionally if that’s not enough to convince you, you should keep in mind that at the time of Darwin’s writing, there was an absence of the knowledge of modern genetics. This would eventually prove that as species evolve the amount of chromosomes in the DNA always remain the same. Interestingly enough, apes have 24 chromosomes in their genetic makeup while homo sapiens contain only 23. The comparison between these two species stems from the physical similarities, however a cytochrome of a dog is about 90 percent similar to that of a human, and the haemoglobin of a horse is about 88 percent similar to that of a human. So why not say we evolved from dogs or horses? Preposterous right? Biological organisms undoubtedly have similar make ups but does that mean every species are alike or came from each other? No, all this demonstrates is the amazing creations of Allah, and his mastermind behind everything which we are so incapable of comprehending to its fullest potential. Even so, Allah has made humans differently from animals as He says, “It is He Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and made you with the right proportions (straightened you up, to walk in an upright position).” [The Holy Qur’an 82:7]This verse may refer to three main stages of the creation of human beings. The first was the creation of a living cell (The Arabic verb khlaqa, created). The second was the change from unicellular prokaryote organism to the multi-cellular eukaryote animal organism (The Arabic verb sawwa, fashioned you perfectly). The third was the human departure from the animal stage (The Arabic verb ‘adala, made you walk in an upright way).Bin Katheer explains this verse using a Hadeeth from the Prophet, (peace be upon him) (Volume 4: 267). The Hadeeth tells us that God created humans in the best image and the right proportion and made them walk in a balanced way, in an upright position, which allowed them to walk between the two cold places.The Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioning of walking between the two cold places is a reference to the fact that walking on two legs, allowed humans to explore, migrate, and ultimately live in all regions of the earth between the two cold areas, the North Pole and the South Pole. There was no way for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to know at that time even about the existence of the two Poles. Thus confirming Allah as the author of the Qur’an while showing that we were created and specially made, not to be confused with another species. During my research I came across some interesting reading; an article, with no author mentioned, found at this linkhttp://www.shajaracode.com/darwin-died-muslim.html entitled “Darwin died Muslim.” The writer claims that Darwin had rejected Christianity, the faith he was born into, and that he had never been an atheist, contrary to common public view. Darwin was quoted to have said, “an Agnostic would be the more correct description of my state of mind.” So essentially, Darwin believed that there must be a supreme creator, but he did not fully understand what that meant. The author goes on to define ‘Islam’ as meaning a ‘humble submission,’ ‘humble submission to the divine power,’ and as ‘being in harmony with the natural world that God created.’ The article continues, that when Darwin was exposed to Islamic philosophy, he was inspired to prove it scientifically. Darwin was not known to discuss theological matters since he renounced Christianity and the article suggests that Darwin was indeed a Muslim as his fundamentals agreed with Islam. He had the basic state of mind – an instinctive submission to the supreme creator, which ultimately he did not know was not a club that requires membership or permission to join or leave. Surely Islam is for all of mankind. “O Mankind! Worship your Lord, who created you and those who came before you, so that you may become righteous.” [The Holy Qur’an 2:21]So whether the author above was indeed accurate or not, the fact of the matter is that ‘Darwinism’ as we know it today, is not a true reflection of Darwin’s initial theory. Darwin, the man, cannot be held responsible for Darwinism which seemed to take on a life of its own based on an exaggeration of a basic theory. It is curious that a notion like “Piltdown man” is now regarded as one of the greatest scientific hoaxes of all time. It began as British archaeologists were becoming more and more interested in human fossils to show that the area had deep prehistoric roots. Arthur Smith Woodward and Darwin continued research to find fossils to demonstrate that man had germinated in England. With the onslaught of fossils which were different from that of human’s skeletons by few intricacies, Woodward proposed that “Plitdown man” represented an evolutionary missing link between ape and man since the combination of the human-like cranium with an ape-like jaw tended to support the notion then prevailing in England that human evolution began with the brain eventually turning apes to civilized humans. The main reason for this hoax to continue for as long as forty years, was solely because England could not bear to have places like Germany and France be ahead of them as fossils were found in these areas linking them to prehistoric times. “Piltdown man” gave England the upper hand as these were presumably the oldest fossils and this let them make claims on the rest of the world. “Piltdown man” was strongly advocated by Darwinists for many years. The collapse of “Piltdown man” should inject doubt in anyone believing in the evolution of man from apes. To any reasonably minded person, in conclusion, it will be gathered that there is a God and He created the heavens and the earth and men are not descendants from apes, but rather God created man as an intellectually superior being unlike any other He has created on earth. The Prophet also said, in the liking of the old adage, “Knowledge is power” that “Knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure out of which nothing is spent in the cause of God.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 108 so we must continuously strive to gain and impart as much knowledge as is possible. I hope that I have at least given you something to think about. May Allah increase us all in knowledge and faith. Ameen.




By RHAli


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