Every night

By RHAli

8/9/12 @2:55am


Every night when I get under the covers

Every night when I tuck myself in to sleep

It’s like a delivery right on schedule

Filling me up with everything I need


When my nightly prayer is all said and done

There’s only one thing left to do

I’m sure you know by now

That that thing is to think of you


The world falls into place

You’re there, in my mind

And I see where I’m supposed to be

From now till the end of time


Insomnia grabs hold of me

On the nights you’re not there

But all I have to do is picture your arms around me

And I’ll fall asleep right here


I’m not sure what you’ll call this

Except a love so true

From even the first kiss

And through all the troubles too


And who knows?

Maybe one day this insomniatic will get her guy

Who’d make her happy

Or who’d certainly try


Then maybe her nights won’t be so sleepless

And his arms will be around her

Keeping away her weepiness

Driving away bad dreams in her slumber…



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