Flying High

By R.H.Ali


I am here while they all are there in delight

To the ground I am attached,

While they all spread their wings taking flight

Oh how I wish to them I could be matched.


They are so independent and free

But my wings are clipped so I cannot fly;

Staying fixed to the ground you see,

Is what I must do no matter how I try.


Melted firmly to the Earth I must stay

With my roots hardened in place,

Wish what I may

And guards around me just in case.


They soar beautifully up in the sky

I am left all alone,

And all I could think to do is cry

Looking to all those whose fate just like mine is sown.


When they take off for flight

My spirit is forced to recede,

As they soar out of sight

With the best of them in the lead.


All I can do is beg them for a ride

Fall off every single time,

But to me they have lied

Because I was never meant to climb.


My envy surmounts

Like a glass too full,

And I try again and again

But always get knocked down.


By the same two arrows

I fall to the ground,

My scope for freedom narrows

When suddenly my purpose is what I have found.


I believe my place is not in the sky

That I was never meant to be free,

Like those birds that aim and fly high

But to stay here and make a difference you see.


My roots keep me here

But they are the very things keeping me,

From all that is queer

And here is where I always shall be.


Rewritten 25.07.12.


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