Morning drama – A Flash Fiction

By RHAli & AC


The pain was there, I wish I could clutch my heart, and rip it out, but all I could do was clench my hand and rest it on my bosom. I turned in bed for half hour more and then I couldn’t take it, I opened my eyes. The dark grey gloom of the morning greeted me. It was the second day rain had been falling continuously. I sighed, seems like even the universe was mourning with me. Except I wanted the sun to shine, if only he knew. I hissed. I’m better than this, I don’t need this. I could survive on my own. I placed my two feet over the side of my bed and pushed myself up, I almost collapsed with the effort. Sigh. My hair cascaded down the side of my shoulders. That reminds me, it needed washing. I walked over to the window, my woollen PJs still provided no warmth from the icy air of the air condition and despite it all, I smiled. Today I was going to make myself look pretty. I twirled on my toes, away from the window in a bit of excitement, and sat by the dressing table.

I eyed myself curiously. In the mirror was someone I could hardly recognize anymore. Her eyes were puffy and swollen, no longer red but you could tell she was crying–either that or she had a really bad cold. Her face was drawn out. Under her eyes were dark, large dark circles. Her lips made an effortlessly perfect upside down smile. Her hair fell flat to the sides of her head and was as lifeless and dull as she looked.

I tore my eyes away.

I didn’t want to see her anymore. She was ugly.

I took a deep breath, stood up, and headed for the shower. I shampooed, conditioned and repeated with my lavender set. I scrubbed and scrubbed every inch of me. It was as though I was trying to wash away all the unhappy thoughts. Eventually I was satisfied. I wrapped myself in my russet towel and sauntered to my closet. What shall I wear today?

My hand caressed the rack of clothes as I pondered. My eyes fell back and forth on the entire rack but nothing appeased me.

I turned to the right.

Aha! I pulled out my pink and black striped long sleeved top and my skinny black jeans. I slipped into the chosen items. It was time to face the girl in the mirror again.

I had the sudden urge to make up my bed. I placed every pillow precisely in its place and tucked the comforter in at all the right places. I even added the throw cushions that usually sat on my day bed. I was tempted to start folding the pile of clothes I had been avoiding for days but I glanced at the clock. It was already 7:45 am and I was going to be late!

With a sigh I slumped down on the chair at my dressing table, the second time for the morning. The same girl stared blankly at me. I sighed again and got to work.

Starting with a moisturizer, then a little concealer under the eyes. I powered up with that cute little brush. I also brushed on some blush to give my face that healthy glow that it was lacking naturally. The eyeliner and mascara came next, a little extra this morning. It burned, but I put it anyway, that feeling would go away. Then it came to my lips. I really dislike lipstick so I put some balm and then gloss. I eyed myself again. I looked better, but not quite good enough. I took a tissue, wiped out the gloss from my lips, took one of the lipsticks my mother gave me and dabbed it on. There. That was fine.

Then to my hair. It was all tangled and it took great patience to comb it through. I gave it a quick blow dry, parted it haphazardly and tied it in a quick bun to get the curls to stick.

I gathered all my books and tossed them into my bag. I picked up my bottle of Chanel perfume, puffed it into the air and stepped into its mist.

As I ran to the front door, I pulled the band from my hair and shook it out. One glance in the mirror told me I was ready.

I could do this.

I stepped out into the morning and a ray of sunlight beamed down on me.



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