This thing

By RHAli


Do you know what you do?

Or is it like the babes who trample the grass?

Do you plan it like everything else;

Strategize and plan every move like a chess game;

Or is it like the harsh wind uprooting the innocent roses?


The way you make me feel is unfathomable.

At first it was this bliss;

Something I rarely knew,

But now it hurts Like a child being dragged over a sheet of cacti.


You took the sweet innocence

And left me out to dry;

It hurt too much to even speak oft

In silence is my prayer

That the supreme would love and forgive


I was warned and took heed for a while,

And then gave in.

It really wasn’t worth it

And I wish I could turn back the hands of time

To do it all again.


Unfortunately you only get one shot at this

Its either do or die

Make a wrong decision

And your conscience will haunt you

Till you beg for forgiveness

And promise to never do it again.


This is my plea.

Hear it and forgive me.



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