To Aunty Debbie

By RHAli



A tear shed,

From dusk to dawn

A friend lost

But your memory will live on…


The casket prepared, the pyre lit

The eulogy said and done

No epitaph needed

You’re in equilibrium with the Earth, like the moon and sun


Like a pine tree you emanated hope

In your being and your soul

Not a time I’d see you with an unhappy face

Though I know how hard your difficulties must’ve taste


You never let on,

Always wanting to help

But now you’re gone

And I wonder what to do with myself


You were the kind of person who lived the adage

‘Give until it hurts’

The legacy of your warmth and kindness

Will live on, on this Earth


One day you will be reunited with your loved ones

One day you’ll see them all again,

But until then, we’ll miss you tons

You, our dear friend


A smile, a happy word,

‘I’m fine, don’t worry about me’

Never letting on the extent of your pain

This was how you lived, you see


You encouraged me with my writing

Said you enjoyed reading my work

You believed in me, and that was exciting

Motivation to go on…


Likened to an angel, you’ve been

Well now it’s true in every sense of the word

We know for all this time

We had, you, an angel in this world


The innocence of a daisy,

The purity of a white rose

The happiness of a dandelion

You will be remembered though your life on Earth has come to a close


Your helping hand,

Your reassuring smiles,

‘Everything will be okay’

Your comforting words can run for miles…


Don’t worry Aunty Debbie,

We know you’re in a better place,

In the Almighty’s hands you are

We love you, and may you rest in peace.


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