A Flash Fiction

By RHAli


Because, right then, the woods fell to her will.

She could feel the power building up inside her pushing for its release. Her palms tingled with that unfamiliar surge of power. She closed her eyes, seeing it like the last time — the first time. She knew she had to stop it, but it had become too late. She knew she would not be able to control her mind when this was complete.

Only one thing came to mind, “Darian run!” And then she viewed everything as ‘her’.

The grass, the leaves, the trees, all the creatures calling this place home; she felt them all. There was a fire within her, growing ever so steadily. It started from the tips of her toes creeping up her legs and filling her with courage, hope, and anxiety for what was to come. She crooned, and tamed the flames to where she wanted them to go – to her palms. This is what she remembered; just like the last time.

All this energy, and for one purpose; she was going to kill him.

As she opened her eyes, she met Darian’s gaze. She knew what she had to do.

Her hair now flaming red, was blowing miraculously in the windless clearing. Her veins pulsated with the urge to attack. She cupped her hands at her sides, embracing the flames in her palms. Adara watched her palms anxiously. Her attitude to them was almost like a child’s to her favourite doll; love, acceptance, a will not to part. Her confidence surmounted to its peek and her red lips parted in a huge smile.

She was on fire.

With one effortless flow, she glided her right arm back, and trusted forward, sending fiery nodules directly at Darian. He lurched aside at a nanosecond before it hit him, leaving an ungraceful gash in the earth beside him. He was on his side now, an awestruck expression plastered to his face.

He peered up at her. Searching her eyes, for anything – anything that could explain what was happening. Her cold stare was all he found. Her soul was hidden in a deep place somewhere within her. He could not recognize this creature she had become. He could not understand it. Believing that things were starting to retreat to normalcy between them, he had invited her to a picnic in the clearing that day in a hope of getting back to the place they once were. Never did he think she would be attacking him like this. He looked at her.

She was as graceful as a ballet dancer, as strong as the largest diamond and as beautiful as a sunset near the sea. Adara was the epitome of everything good in Darain’s world. At least he believed her to be.

She moved towards him slowly, stopping an arm length’s away. She stood above, regarding him. Her usual grey eyes were still nowhere to be found, replaced by an uncanny red which made it look as though her soul was on fire. He wondered if that’s how he would look if it was possible for him to express how she made him feel. His soul definitely was on fire for her. But he knew that this was not the same thing, this was not a fire for him, but a fire to kill him. For the first time he became terrified of her. In desperation, he said her name, “Adara”.

Her eyebrows shot up and her eyes widened. For an instant he thought he saw his Adara. All too suddenly, her face hardened again, as she began the onslaught of attacks on her prey. She sent nodules after nodules hurling at him. It was a miracle that he managed to evade all of them so far. The earth was scorched with the trails of her attack.

He got to his feet and pelted away from her. She seemed effortless in her chase after him. It took all of half a minute to trap him within her palms. She had locked both her palms at his sides, so that they were face to face, chest to chest.

The heat emanated from her as though she was an ember herself. It scorched into him like a spilth of light, out of the crashing of a myriad stars. The cloth separating him from her direct touch was smouldering, never to be seen again. Even her breath was like steam. He screamed out in desperation and she chuckled. He could hear the sizzle of smoke where she was touching him. She released him, only to grab hold of him again on his forearms.

His cry of agony would have been heard for miles he was sure. Within his very own inferno he realized that he would do anything for this girl. It burned as if all the fires of the universe had laid claim upon his flesh and stung the soul behind it as with a serpent’s tongue.

When he was sure that he could no longer withstand this attack, he mustered whatever will he had left, and said, “Adara I love you,” and he dipped out of consciousness.

Adara was taken aback. His words washed over her fire and her flames dispersed. She was Adara again. She let him go and he fell to the earth with a thud. Her destructive palms were no more, and they cupped themselves over her mouth in disgust at what she had done.

“DARIAN!” she bellowed into the atmosphere.


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