My Review: Concealed in the Shadows by Gabrielle Arrowsmith

ctis 2Arrowsmith takes the reader on a tumultuous emotional journey as she vividly describes the protagonist, Sydney’s emotional attachment to her only living and real loved one. Little does she know, when she thought her greatest hurdle of regaining custody over her little sister was overcome, that it would only be the beginning of her perils.

This novel highlights the effortless love of two brave sisters. In their quest to find out the truth about their mother, they become encapsulated in a whole new world they thought could have never existed.

Their happiness, if there was any, was short-lived by the traumas of living in a time when the authorities have too much control over everything.

By the end of the book, Sydney and her sister become your friends. You feel for them both and realize ultimately the power of love, and the sacrifices that some are willing to make to protect their loved ones.

Arrowsmith truly embodies all the emotions we as humans feel and she brings to life her characters realistically and believably.

At the end, like any good book, Arrowsmith leaves you wanting more! Truly an amazing read!


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