From: Gabryelle & Calliope

For this contest you will need to write two pieces from two opposing characters (e.g. like Harry Potter’s story and then Voldemort’s story). Your aim should be that you get to know your character’s better than you normally would by the usual character sheet and just writing for your focalizing characters.

So what do you have to do?

Write two stories that are each between 500 and 1500 words. The characters MUST be opposing in your story. There has to be some form of conflict between them. It can be any genre.
The story must be written in FIRST PERSON. It can be in either present or past tense.

Your characters can either be from an existing project of yours or can be created solely for this contest.
Due: by July 31st
Please title each story with the name of the character whose POV is being told.

Send your entry to youngwriters@hotmail.ca (YES CA NOT COM)
WRITE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL AS ‘JULY WRITING CONTEST’ and in your email let us know if you would like your piece posted on the page if it wins.

PRIZE(S): DETAILED critique on your choice of either both your entries or an abstract of your novel/short story/poem that the characters are sourced from (if you use already existing characters of yours) with the word amount up to what your entry is. 
There may be possible runners up who will have the same choice except only for the word count equal to one of their short stories entered (or their choice of one of the pieces they entered).
Everyone who enters will get general feedback. 


I’m walking down an alleyway when something hits me hard in the back of the head. I cry out in pain, cutting off the song I was humming. I spin around and on the ground is a rock the size of a golf ball. That could have done some serious damage if it was any bigger! I search my surroundings, trying to find the source of the rock. And then I see.
Kaila is peering out from the edge of a huge commercial rubbish bin, smiling. For a moment I feel smug, she deserves to be put beside rubbish. Then she steps out and comes toward me, a knife in her hand. My thoughts change to consist of me being dumped inside the dumpster, dead.
“I told you you’d pay one day, Trace. That day has come.”
I cry out in frustration, and then almost shout when I demand, “Pay for what?!”
“If you think back about five years’ time, maybe you’ll remember. But hurry, I don’t have long.”
The knife flashes in the sliver of light that Kaila steps under, and I gulp. I busy myself thinking back five years, calculating how old we were and what we had been doing.
“Too slow,” Kaila interrupts. And then she comes at me with the knife.

I throw the rock and it hits Tracey in the dead centre of the back of her head. Good.
She turns around and looks for whoever threw the rock at her. She sees me and I smile. I clutch the knife tightly in my hand and step out from behind the dumpster. I see her eyes flash with fear. Good, good.
I say to her, “I told you you’d pay one day, Trace. That day has come.”
Tracey shrieks, “Pay for what?!”
Frustrated that she still has not figured it out after all this time of me insulting her, I say, “If you think back about five years’ time, maybe you’ll remember. But hurry, I don’t have long.”
I take a step closer to her and see her flinch a little. Good, good, good! I’m glad she’s scared. She should be scared. She deserves fear in her life. Or, what’s left of it anyway.
She stands there looking like she’s really concentrating, but I’m stuffed if I can wait. I just can’t stand to see her face anymore. Not since she kissed my boyfriend, causing him to break up with me, saying he needs to experience other girls. The memory flashes in my mind. Her curly blonde hair outlining the back of his head. Him clutching her, rubbing his hands down her sides…
I can’t stand the memory. She took the most important person away from me. She cannot live any longer. “Too slow.” I launch at her, and the scream hasn’t even left her throat when I thrust the knife into her chest, right where her heart had better be.

Both stories follow the same conflict or issue
The second story gives readers further insight into the events of the story
BETWEEN 1000 & 3000 WORDS
Double spaced and first line indented
Overall consistency
Originality of piece
Writing style
Descriptions portray clear image
Flow of Paragraphs
Clarity of the piece
Consistent use of past/present tense

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