The Crazy Giveaway from Crystal!

The Crazy Giveaway!! from the Blog:

Crystal’s Many Reviews

Enter by clicking this link to the rafflecopter!! :—


She says:

When I started this blog, oh so long ago…
Ok fine you caught me it’s only been a few months!
I really didn’t expect it to take off.

So you can imagine my surprise when I realize that I’m at my 1200 likes mark.  I went between being in shock, and being completely confused.

(Trust me I’m not that exciting that that many people would be following me!)
I still have my mixed feelings about my blog, but I do have to say there is nothing better than getting the messages from my followers thanking me for recommending books to them.  That brings a HUGE smile to my face 😀 <– that’s my smiley face in case you were wondering!
So in light of hitting this huge landmark of mine, I have another great giveaway going on for you guys!  Some AMAZING authors have donated some of their books, some even have donated gift cards.
They are not required to do that, they do it because they appreciate you and they want to help make you happy!
Please share this giveaway with your friends and family, even if (for some reason) the books don’t seem like something you would like, there are gift cards up for grabs!!
Thank you again for supporting me, and the authors, on this crazy journey!

**On a side note sorta, in the raffle there are the pages to like.  Make sure you check them all out because you might already have some points just from following the authors!**


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