My Review – King Hall by Scarlett Dawn

SDWhen Lily Ruckler’s life changes drastically, she is forced to become future leader of her people along with three other prodigies. The four of them form an epic bond of friendship, which, even when tested, proved to be stronger than any other bond they have ever formed. Being a hybrid, like Lily is, proves to be a danger to her life since hybrids are usually killed. However, with the help of her friends, she manages to pull through her biggest fear.

Scarlett Dawn enraptures her readers into life at King Hall. She fills her characters with such vigour and realness that her readers can believe. Throughout the entire story, we see all the characters grow as they pass through each new hurdle. Death, loss, self-pity, and terror all plague the four young minds we see developing into great and determined individuals.

I must admit that my favourite dynamic has to be between Lily and Ezra. Their relationship is playful and happy which makes the reader undoubtedly happy right along with them, even in the midst of hurt and pain.

This book was definitely an awesome read and I recommend it to anyone interested in being fascinated by the world Dawn creates. My only question now has to be, when is Book Two making its appearance?

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