My Review – Heartkeeper by B. T. Lyons

Heartkeeper kept my heart!!

Heartkeeper is a cute story about a society which built itself up after having lost everything via the breakdown of society due to technological advances which depleted the earth’s natural resources. This society made covenants with the Guardian Spirits in order to sift through the good people from the bad thus allowing the survivors to live harmoniously with the land. At the tender age of 13, it is mandatory that all children take part in a reaping where they either capture a gold heart, or face the fury of the red and black hearts which will undoubtedly result in their deaths. This system had been working for many years now, but this year is different. See what happens when the evil tricks and cons the good. What will happen to this society? Could they withstand it?

When I read this novel, it was truly one I could not put down. The writing was superb and I enjoyed every bit of it. I think that this book is great for the age bracket it was intended for as it teaches many lessons. We are reminded that good should always triumph over evil and that we should not be wasteful and overuse the earth’s resources. One day they just may run out on us and what will we do? We take everything for granted. This novel is a good eye opener to just how real that possibility may be.

It was a lovely read, and I recommend it highly! Now, I just need to get my hands on Heartbound!



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