My Review: The Woodlands by Lauren Taylor


From the very beginning, Rosa’s life was anything from easy. She lived in one of the Woodlands eight enclosed circular cities where in order to be left alone by the Superiors, you had to conform to everything they told you to do, or suffer the deadly consequences. Rosa always has a hard time since her thinking and ideas were radical. She experiences everything from abandonment, hurt, loss, fear, all mixed together with love.

Author, Lauren Taylor, creates a story world in which the harsh reality of Rosa’s world is highlighted to the extent that the reader could feel for everything she goes through.

I’ll admit that at some points I couldn’t help but tear up. Taylor takes the reader on an emotional journey throughout the book.

I will highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a great read which will keep you up until nearly three in the morning finishing it, like it did for me!

Now, just can’t wait for the sequel! That cliffhanger was something!

>I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review<


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