My Review: Flame Caller by Jon Messenger

Flame Caller is the second installment of the World Aflame series by Jon Messenger.

After reading the first book I could not wait to get my hands on the second one to see how the story unfolded. It was not a disappointment!! I thoroughly enjoyed every second if this novel. It was fast paced and exciting throughout and every spare chance I got – even in between my classes – I was reading it. It was just that good.

The story line I think, develops well from Book 1 and themes and ideas are developed parallel to each other. Messenger artistically pieces together his story, forming multiple layers of his story world without allowing the reader to become confused. This truly is a feat to be commended.

Also in need of commendation is the standard of this young adult novel. Even though the characters are ‘of age’ to indulge in certain things in our society, Messenger keeps the story line clean and even the love story is sweet and innocent, yet believable. This just goes to show the quality of Messenger’s work. A truly commendable series in the making and I anxiously await all the other releases!

Flame Caller receives 5 huge stars from me!

Disclaimer: I received a free e copy of this novel in return for an honest review, and honest is exactly what it is.



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