Riveting. Dangerous. Emotional.

The second book in the series, Released from the Darkness, shows the author’s talent and skill in penning a great story.

The novel continues the series in a dark underground society which makes you almost forget the perils of the society above. In this new dynamic, Sydney Harter is thrown into a situation which she could have never believed existed. She is reduced to a mere inmate and had to do things methodically with no hope of ever seeing the sun or her family again. Her crime? Knowing too much.

Sydney makes allies with some inmates and they try to plan an escape from this horrid little hidden world which was forced upon them.

This novel is a perfect sequel to the first and Sydney’s relationship with her father and her sister is tried and tested multiple times.

The novel ends on another precipice and leaves the reader craving the third book in the series to know just what happens.

Sydney’s words at the end of the book left me spellbound and hungry to see if everything works out, or if tragedy would strike yet again.

I took off one star from my rating of this book due to the fact that I thought that the writing was a little bit simplistic in parts. However I must say that the plot made up for this as I was always eager to see what happened next – a real page turner.

I would definitely recommend this novel. It was a definite good read and I am that much better for having read it.

I gave Released from the Darkness four out of five stars.

* I received an ARC copy of this novel in return for reading and writing an honest review of the book and this is how I honestly feel. *


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