My Review: Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

Romantic, suspense-filled and moving!

This isn’t your typical romance novel.
Love, Chocolate and Beer is a fascinating love story about the power of true love. While Violet Duke tells the story of this couple, deeper and more meaningful ideas are delved into. I think we can all identify with feeling lost, alone and dejected about love and Violet Duke presents the phenomenon in such a way as to make you want it; to make you believe in finding that special someone. Themes like death, abandonment, regret, guilt, and even a little homosexuality, runs below the surface of this apparent love story.

Dani Dobson is a strong female character who, because of twisted fate, has given up on ever finding true love. Luke Bradford is the typical romantic. Both opposites meet in a clashing battle in which sparks fly high.

Violet Duke’s novel, set in Cactus Creek, is a burst of creativity in the modern business world. It is nothing short of exciting as we go on the journey with Dani and Luke through their throw-downs pitted against each other’s businesses and we see their rivalry grow into the greatest affection there could ever be.

Interestingly, Violet Duke created Dani with a characteristically more masculine occupation, that of brewmaster and brewpub owner, whilst Luke is a chocolatier which is characteristically more feminine. This results in an incredible contrasting of characters which only makes it that much better when they seem to catapult towards each other.

Their journey is littered with trials and tribulations and their love is tried and tested on numerous occasions. They have the support of loving family and friends who we come to adore as the novel goes on. The reader is able to feel for Dani as she goes through each hurdle, and we experience Dani’s reasoning behind everything she does, even while Luke has no idea what is happening in her mind.

Dani and Luke’s love is playful, fun and passionate. Through all the trials, their love only grows.

Violet Duke really did write this novel well. It was difficult to put down once I started; it was a real page turner. The plot moved on spectacularly and Violet Duke made us privy to certain information only when it was necessary and would advance the plot dramatically which made it so much more thrilling.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun, romantic read!

I enjoyed this novel so much, that I gave Love, Chocolate and Beer FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!

* I received an ARC of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review, and honest is what it is.



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