My Review: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

Five out of five stars for The Great Gatsby.

This is definitely a classic to be read over and over again to gain the true beauty and intricacies interwoven into the language and dramatic imagery Fitzgerald so creatively embodies in The Great Gatsby.

This novel is based on a man who loved so deeply, that he did everything in its name. Whether that love was requited or not is an entirely different story.

Fitzgerald delves into a world where a person becomes so enraptured in a thing of beauty that they forget to see the reality of their situation. It is interesting to see how this approach works out for ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and I think great life lessons are to be gained from this masterpiece of a novel.

Life should not be lived in the past. We should look positively to the future–a lesson which might have done Gatsby some good had he learned it.

This was truly a great read; I devoured it in one sitting. I recommend this novel to anyone who craves a literary masterpiece.



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