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Hi guys! It’s Radeyah!

Welcome to my first foodie post in my new Edible Love series. This post is dedicated to a one-dish pasta and basil chicken that I made. This dish is really simple, and as the name of it suggests, it’s just one dish! You can however, and really should, add a side salad to this dish to make it a fuller, healthier experience… or you could just leave it as is. It’s really totally up to you and what you’re feeling for in the moment!

I made this dish for four persons, but there was A LOT remaining after we all ate, so I definitely need to work on my average a bit more, but at least we had enough for a whole other meal, and that’s always a win-win situation.

So let’s jump straight into how I prepared it:

(remember nothing is ever set in stone with cooking so always make it your own and don’t be afraid to experiment)

You will need:

2 types of pasta
1 Onion
3 bell peppers
2 pimento
Handful of baby carrots
Diced meat of choice
Seasoning of choice
Basil leaves
Shredded cheese



To prepare the pasta, pre-heat a deep pot with water and wait until it is boiling. Add a pinch of salt (this is to ensure that the pasta does not stick together). Then, add the pasta into the boiling water. Put on the timer on your cell phone (yes, phones do that these days). Note the cooking time on the packaging for the pasta, but remember that what you’re looking for is for the pasta to be soft, since that is how you will know when it is done.

I did this with two types of whole grain pasta, so I repeated these steps for both. Whole grain pasta is a much more healthy option that the usual white pasta and it really does not taste that much different. I don’t even notice the difference or miss the regular pasta anymore.

When you have your pasta all ready to go, set it aside and work on the veggies.


Set your pot on the stove and turn on the heat about halfway. Add oil of your choice. For a healthier option try olive oil like I did. Let the oil heat up for a few minutes.

Cut up onion, bell peppers and pimento. Add all to the pot.

Tip: If you get that sizzling sound as you emptied the cut veggies into the pot, then congrats! You’re doing something right! I really do love that sound it makes me feel like a totally competent chef!

Next, wash those baby carrots and pop them into the pot of veggies as well. The goal here is to simmer (see, I know cooking terminology! #BoutIncapable) the pot so that all the veggies will soften to just the right amount without becoming sappy, because you still want the veggies to remain slightly crunchy.

Tip: To simmer the pot, add water to the pot and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and leave the veggies like that until they become softer, but not too soft (I’m really good at this aren’t I?). When I was satisfied with the softness of the veggies, I turned the heat back up and let any excess water evaporate. Turn off the heat when all the water evaporates. 

I also added some extra seasoning like black pepper, a tiny pinch of salt (since the pasta is already salted), garlic powder (since I didn’t have raw garlic on hand) and pepper flakes.


After seasoning the diced chicken, set up another pot with some oil and add the chicken. At this point you can add basil leaves into the pot to get the basil flavour in your chicken. Let the seasoned pieces of chicken cook until all pieces have a light brown colour and all liquid has evapourated.

Tip: when you have your least hectic day, you should wash and season meat and then freeze it so that when you are ready to put a meal together really quickly after a long day, it will be easier on you! Another good idea is if you have more than one person in your household, you can designate certain tasks to each person. This will lighten the load from one person and everyone can carry their own weight, especially since we are all human beings and require food to live. 


This is the most fun part (at least for me). It’s time to mix your pasta, veggies and chicken together!

Since the pot with my veggies was the biggest, (logistics people!), I emptied my pot of basil chicken into my veggies pot. Then, I gradually mixed the pasta in the same pot. Truthfully, this gave me some problems since there was so much pasta (note to self: next time less pasta!), but eventually, all the pasta got mixed in and voilà!

Tip: If you’re one of those people who NEED “wet” food (I’m not one of those people), then you should consider popping open a bottle of Ragu sauce or Alfredo sauce and mixing it in before you add the pasta, just to add a saucy component to the dish. 

When plating your dish for consumption, top off with your choice of shredded cheese. I used two Sargento cheeses, one was the 4 Cheese Mexican and the other was Mozzarella.

That’s it! The only thing left for you to do after that is to enjoy your meal, so bon appétit!


I welcome everyone to try this, and any recipe that I post, and if you do try it, I’d love to hear from you. You can hashtag #EdibleLoveByRadeyah and tag or mention me! I have also created a Pinterest board called “Edible Love” (of course, I mean, what else?) so if you’re on there, feel free to follow my board and re-pin my pins! All of my social media handles are at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out. Click here to see my introductory post and see why I started this Edible Love series on my blog!


Radeyah ❤ 

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