Smoked Turkey Toasted Whole Grain Pocket with Mozzarella Cheese | Edible Love

Hi guys! It’s Radeyah!

Welcome back to my Edible Love By Radeyah series on my blog!

Today’s post is all about this absolutely delicious Smoked Turkey Toasted Whole Grain Pocket with Mozzarella Cheese! Gosh, that was a mouthful, but a totally yummy mouthful! This was a fun and admittedly, a very exciting meal to put together. I had this for breakfast one morning and it just made me so happy and since I’m all about Edible Love, I made this post just for you so you can see how I made it! It’s extremely easy to put together and I hope you try it! ❤

You will need: 

Whole Grain Pockets

Smoked Turkey Slices

Salad things 

Mozzarella Cheese 


Toast the whole grain pockets using either a griddle or a toaster to get it slightly brown and crunchy.


Wash your favourite salad ingredients and dry them.

Tip: You really should dry your salad things because the wetness will cause your pocket to become soggy and #eww!


Cook the smoked slices in the microwave / griddle / pot with heat until the slices brown over.

Tip: I used the griddle to ensure that each slice was cooked properly and I sprayed some PAM on the griddle before placing the smoked turkey slices on it. 


Take your toasted whole grain pocket and fill it with a layer of salad things to the bottom. Insert as many slices of smoked turkey as you desire. Tuck more salad ingredients between each slice to maintain a crunch in each bite. Put some mozzarella cheese in between the smoked turkey slices and salad things. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese at the top and microwave for 10 to 20 seconds to melt the cheese slightly and voilà!


I welcome everyone to try this, and any recipe that I post, and if you do try it, I’d love to hear from you. You can hashtag #EdibleLoveByRadeyah and tag or mention me! I have also created a Pinterest board called “Edible Love” (of course, I mean, what else?) so if you’re on there, feel free to follow my board and re-pin my pins!

All of my social media handles are at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out. Click here to see my introductory post and see why I started this Edible Love series on my blog!


Radeyah ❤

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