#IAmMuslimAndI Campaign


The #IAmMuslimAndI Social Media Campaign aims to promote #Muslims as everyday people doing everyday things to show that Muslims are regular human beings and not a group to be feared or hated.

#Islam teaches #peace #tolerance and #love. Anyone who goes against these fundamentals cannot be classed as a true Muslim. (However all judgment is left to Allah subhanahu wata’aala.)

Within recent years, #Islamophobia has increased in spades. It is sad that the actions of a minority group who CLAIM to be Muslims are taken as a representation of Muslims as a whole. The violent actions of some are definitely #NotInMyName and cannot ever represent what Islam teaches.

God says that if a human being kills or harms another human being, it is as though he has killed or harmed all of humanity. This is the depth of the rejection of violence in Islam.

I have started the #IAmMuslimAndI Campaign in an attempt to educate #Islamophobes on the true meaning of Islam by showing them that Muslims are normal people who want the same things as they do – peace, love, prosperity, a good life etc.

I humbly ask Muslims to post on social media using the hashtag #IAmMuslimAndI and state at least one thing that they do that is considered “normal” or something that they love.

I also humbly ask non-Muslims who support this campaign to use the hashtag #IAmNotMuslimBut and state something positive about Muslims and Islam.

May Allah guide us all and may He make this Campaign successful and may He allow this Campaign to effect some change in the heart of at least one Islamophobe. Ameen.

Allahu Alam. God knows best.


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