I have a ton of pet peeves when it comes to my books. I genuinely believe that a book is a treasure and that they should be kept in pristine condition at all times. They should be displayed, read and re-read.


I have listed only a few of my pet peeves here. Let me know at the end, whether you share any of my peeves or whether you think some of mine are just plain ole ridiculous!


  1. Dog earing pages

I understand the need to mark the page you’ve reached when you have to put a book down, but that’s why the good Lord created bookmarks! Use them!


  1. Writing notes in books

So this really upsets me because writing on the beautiful pages of books is defacing them in my view. Yes, I understand that you’ve paid for it, but oh my gosh! Why is this not an offence?


  1. Bending spines

I will never understand why people would bend a book backwards resulting in the spine becoming cracked. What if someone bent you backwards?


  1. Covers torn off

A book’s cover is like its clothes! Never insult a book so much as to tear its dignity away! Don’t let the cover run away, ever.


  1. Coffee spillage

Why, oh why! Beautiful white pages should remain beautiful and white…


  1. Dusty pages

Books should not be kept in a place where it will just collect dust! Give it away or read it! Dusty books disappoint me. It’s like realising that someone ate the last macaroon.


  1. Unread books

One thing I absolutely dislike is when books are just sitting on shelves, not being read. I much prefer to lend out / donate books that I’m not reading to those who would read them! I’m also a strong believer in re-reading books over and over again. Books were created to be loved, and they are loved by being read!


What did you think of my pet peeves? I’d love to hear from you!


Radeyah ❤


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