“Fragnut hell” is my new substitute swear phrase!
Death. Family. Love. Friendship. Trust. These are just some of the themes the Trini author, Kimberley Nadine Knights, delved into within this Young Adult novel. However, this novel’s dark themes were balanced out with light humour. When a down to earth Trini girl, Rubie, meets an American rich kid, Gil, all bets are off. Nothing is what it seems and no one is who they appear to be. 

The characters in this novel are very well developed and very relatable. This made it truly refreshing for me to read. Being from Trinidad and Tobago, it was heartwarming to read a regular story that I could relate to, which refers to the lingo and culture of my country which flowed with the storyline effortlessly.

Even though Gil is not a Trini, I still felt that he was relatable to me since his character is flawed and he is struggling to deal with damaging experiences from his past. 

This story is told through Rubie’s point of view except for a total of two chapters, which are told from Gil’s point of view. I usually do not like when authors write from various points of view because I think the storyline becomes messy and difficult to follow, but Knight’s method was very clear and understandable. I welcomed reading from Gil’s point of view, just because he’s such a difficult person to understand and it was satisfying to be able to hear his thoughts. 

I did feel like the story came to an end way before the author decided to end the novel. However I understand the need to include the last scene in the novel since it did add a lot to the state of mind of the characters to the end. 

The name of this novel is so lovable. I especially love the scene that introduces “the cilantro in apple pie.” It is a very heartwarming scene and something to definitely look forward to when you’re reading. 
I can safely say that I’m really excited for Book 2 whenever it comes out!

I gave this novel 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to everyone looking for a really good read.

– Radeyah ❤ 


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