Health and Happiness Aug 2015 | Event

Health and Happiness Aug 2015 | Event

Here’s the video from the Health and Happiness Event from Aug 9th 2015 where I read my poem entitled “A Perspective on Women’s Health and Happiness” to over 350 Muslim women.
Thanks again Sofiyya!

Thanks for watching!! 


If Only You Cared

If only you cared

By RHAli



I hide my tears because you don’t understand

I hide my tears because you don’t lend a helping hand

Sometimes I just need you to care,

Sometimes I just need you to be there.

A reassuring word when I’m down,

A hug, to undo my frown.

The one to tell my problems to,

The one who’ll know just what to do

Make the problems all disappear

Make a smile out of every tear

These simple things may not seem much to you

These simple things you know not what they do.

You’re the one I’m supposed to call on,

You’re the one whose supposed to be there from dusk to dawn.


But instead of be there,

You act like you don’t care

You tell me you’re fed up consoling me

You tell me it’s frustrating, you see

So I hide all my emotions real

So I hide how I feelI cover all my tears with a smile

I cover all my sadness, cover the pile

I’m afraid to make you mad

By merely showing you that I’m sad

I wonder how I am supposed to live this way

I wonder how I’m going to keep my emotions at bay

I wish you understood me, and how much it hurts so

But i don’t think you would ever understand, I know..




By RHAli

17/02/2008 (@ 14 years old)


Somedays I feel so down,

As though something oppressing is around

But no one else seems to feel it,

Not even a bit.

Everyone goes on so normally

And I feel as though nobody knows

The pain that I think shows.

If they look deeper,

I’m sure they’d find

The constant weeper

In the nick of time.

They see humour, laughter and flair,

Instead of the pain

That I know is there.

They don’t know of the nights

When all I could do is cry

Even though I try with all my might…

But someday I hope I’d get that call

So we’d talkAnd hopefully it’ll fix it all.

But in the mean timeI just pray

That my sanity with me will stay.

‘Cuz sometimes I feel so down

As though something oppressing is around

But no one else seems to feel it

Not even a bit.


To Aunty Debbie

To Aunty Debbie

To Aunty Debbie

By RHAli



A tear shed,

From dusk to dawn

A friend lost

But your memory will live on…


The casket prepared, the pyre lit

The eulogy said and done

No epitaph needed

You’re in equilibrium with the Earth, like the moon and sun


Like a pine tree you emanated hope

In your being and your soul

Not a time I’d see you with an unhappy face

Though I know how hard your difficulties must’ve taste


You never let on,

Always wanting to help

But now you’re gone

And I wonder what to do with myself


You were the kind of person who lived the adage

‘Give until it hurts’

The legacy of your warmth and kindness

Will live on, on this Earth


One day you will be reunited with your loved ones

One day you’ll see them all again,

But until then, we’ll miss you tons

You, our dear friend


A smile, a happy word,

‘I’m fine, don’t worry about me’

Never letting on the extent of your pain

This was how you lived, you see


You encouraged me with my writing

Said you enjoyed reading my work

You believed in me, and that was exciting

Motivation to go on…


Likened to an angel, you’ve been

Well now it’s true in every sense of the word

We know for all this time

We had, you, an angel in this world


The innocence of a daisy,

The purity of a white rose

The happiness of a dandelion

You will be remembered though your life on Earth has come to a close


Your helping hand,

Your reassuring smiles,

‘Everything will be okay’

Your comforting words can run for miles…


Don’t worry Aunty Debbie,

We know you’re in a better place,

In the Almighty’s hands you are

We love you, and may you rest in peace.

Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

By RHAli

Written @ 14 years old (i.e. back in the day)


What would it be like?

He wanted to know,

To be different

And let his creative juices flow.


He dreamed of being at the top,

And not like anyone else,

To be successful,

And do his best.


And when he says everyone,

It’s his family he means,

He loves them so very dearly,

But they hardly take heed.


They live in a small, rundown, old shack,

On the side of the road,

Next to drug pushers

And people who often get into rows.


His mom and dad hardly have time

Their numerous children,

All at one time

Trying their hardest not to commit a crime.


No one is successful

lBut he tries to be,

As different from everyone else,

As different as he can be.


He tried his best,

And did succeed,

So he tried some more, and pushed harder

To reach his further goals and dreams.


Over the years he toiled

And toiled,

Worked harder than ever,

Burnt lots of midnight oil.


He is now at the CXC level

And just got his results,

He tried to keep calm,

But celebration is a must.


He received five distinctions,

Two ones and one two,

His smile was as broad as ever,

He was elated at the news.


His parents were so proud

With this news so new,

Showered him with love

Oh, so very true.


Now, he is in hot pursuit

Of the A level examinations

To give his best

And get a few more distinctions.


So try your best,

To be at the top,

Keep at your work

And never give up.


If you aspire to be all that you can be,

You will be amazed at what you can do,

If you try your best

And show the real you.


So dare to be different

And not like the rest,

Work hard,

And be the best!


This Girl

This Girl

This girl

By RHAli



Her eyes, her enrapturing stare…

Those shades she uses to hide the glare…

The brown flip flops she likes to wear…

Even each and every unwanted tear…


She does not understand how I feel…

But I’m telling you this is real…

She may not want to believe it now…

But I’m telling you one day I’ll take a bow…


This girl knows not what she does to me…

Fact is, she’s oblivious you see…

From all my silent stares when she’s not looking…

To all my lame jokes about how she should be cooking…


I wish I could find the words sometimes…

To express just how I feel…

I want so badly to take her out to lime…

But then, would that break the deal?


I try to tell her just how special I think she is…

But the words don’t come out right…

My poor speaking skills is what ’tis…

And somehow everything ends up in a fight…


But this girl is my epitome of happiness…

She makes my world whole once more…

With her I need nothing else…

And I belong with her for sure!


You Deserve

You Deserve

You deserve

By RHAli



You deserve someone who likes you for you

You deserve someone who just knows what to do,

You deserve someone who is caring and kind

You deserve someone who lets you say what’s on your mind.


You don’t deserve what he does to you

You don’t deserve the pain he puts you through,

You don’t deserve the way he controls everything

You don’t deserve to be just another fling


You deserve someone who shows you all the good things in life

You deserve someone who won’t put you through strife,

You deserve someone who trusts you

You deserve someone who supports you in all that you do


You don’t deserve the way he makes you feel inadequate

You don’t deserve the way he plays his gambit,

You don’t deserve the way he makes you question yourself

You don’t deserve the way he affects your health


You deserve all the good things

You deserve diamonds and rings,

You deserve to be happy

You deserve to never feel crappy


You don’t deserve the games he plays

You don’t deserve to just be a phase,

You don’t deserve the mixed signals he gives

You don’t deserve the life he lives


You deserve to feel loved

You deserve to be someone’s beloved,

You deserve not to settle for anything

But most of all, you deserve to leave him.