Writer’s Review

Why write? 

All writers begin somewhere. If we look to all the acclaimed authors, most of them went through a great deal of struggle to reach where they are. To me, all great writers have one thing in common. They all LOVE to write.

If we look to the famous example of J.K. Rowling, we see a woman who, in the pit of her life’s struggles fought to hold on to the one thing she had left – her writing. She faced so many challenges to get published, what with the publishers not thinking she was good enough to the mere fact that she was female. What’s important in her story is her perseverance and where it got her. In the face of all her adversity, she propelled herself forward and made her dreams come true even when there were those who did not believe she could make it. Today she has a huge following with her famous Harry Potter series, a total of seven books and her first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy. For any writer, her determination is necessary.

There will be ups and downs. Most likely there would be more downs than ups! But what we need to do is hold on to that glimmer of hope that one day we will make it and that we are good enough. If we falter in this, we will be hindered from being all that we could be as a writer. We need to take the passion we have for writing and write! I mean it! Write about everything and everyone! Carry a journal around with you and take notes, write ideas, describe the man in the fast food line infront of you — describe how he must be feeling seeing the cashier operate so slowly — imagine that he is extremely hungry because he did not have breakfast that morning because he was late for an interview for a new job and he needed this new job because he was laid off from his old one because they were cutting costs and he has triplets and a wife to take care of. You get the point?

Reading is also a great way to improve your writing or to generate new ideas. Read everything — the good, bad, the in-between. Notice each author’s style and structure and take away the good and abandon the bad. See what bad writing looks like and stay away from it!

Another useful thing to do is reading critiques of writing. Read reviews on books to see how people react to it. However you always need to remember that you have to write for yourself and not for anyone else. While the critique of others on your own writing is essential to your development and growth as an author, if your writing is geared to please others, then more likely than not, your writing will be of a poorer quality than if you wrote for yourself.

All in all, I wish all those who choose to pursue writing the very best of luck and always remember that as they say, you must do what you love, and love what you do!

Best wishes,



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