My Review: Reflections of a Man by Amari Soul 




Reflections of a Man truly explores themes within relationships with a blunt honesty that is both refreshing and inspiring. There is a lot of useful and thought provoking information presented in this book for both sides in any relationship. The themes really address core issues that are common in relationships and urges the reader to recognize these issues and to fix them before it is too late.

Quite honestly, this book should be read by every single human being on earth. Maybe then there would be less hurt on this planet, and more love! 

I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE! I definitely do not regret this purchase since it is a great investment.


Radeyah ❤️


Bookstagram Demystified

By R. H. Ali


If you’re a fellow booklover and Instagram (or Instantgram if you’re learning from iimanjeetii) lover, then this post is for you, so continue reading. If you’re not, then hey, still continue reading or share this post with the booklovers in your life.



If you’re wondering, BOOKSTAGRAM, like the name obviously suggests, is a smash up of Books and Instagram. The term Bookstagram is simply used to describe the community of booklovers on Instagram. These Bookstagram accounts post stunning photos of books together with reviews, TBRs, Wrap Ups, Recommendations and Currently Reading posts, just to name a few. For an evolving list of all the terms used on Bookstagram check out my post “Bookstagram terms defined”.



Bookstagram is a totally exciting way for booklovers to obsess over their favourite fandoms in a new and exciting way with other booklovers. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to read and to share their thoughts on the books that they’ve read and the books that they want to read. Bookstagram is also a fabulous way to keep up with all of the new books and fandoms out there, because God knows there is an ever-growing amount of those, and we don’t want to miss any.


I joined Bookstagram about a year ago, on 25th January 2015 and I absolutely love it to this day. For me, my Bookstagram account is a safe place where I can go on Instagram where I don’t have to see anything but book related posts. When I’m feeling stressed out about life in general my Bookstagram account really provides that much needed stress reliever.

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m totally bonkers, in true Alice In Wonderland style, for saying that photos of books relax me! If you understand what I mean, and if photos of books relax you too, comment down below and let me know, so that I’d know that I’m not completely bonkers, or so we can be completely bonkers together since we know that all the best people are!

FullSizeRender-6If you love books, then you should definitely give joining Bookstagram some serious thought. It is not for the weak-hearted! JUST KIDDING! Bookstagram is for EVERYONE. We welcome every single human being to join Bookstagram since for me, in my true Hufflepuff style, since you know, the sorting hat on Pottermore unwittingly sorted me into Hufflepuff, I encourage everyone to join in the reading and fangirling / fanboying over ALL THE FANDOMS!


In order to join Bookstagram, you will need to create an Instagram account. This account can be one that you have been using previously, or a new one that you create for Bookstagram alone. I would advise that you create a new email address and Instagram account for your Bookstagram since WHEN (set all the goals, achieve all the goals!) you become a really big and successful Bookstagramer, publishers and authors will begin contacting you to review their books – yes there is the potential for you to get free books!


However, don’t pressure yourself too much if you don’t get any such requests. Ensure that everything that you do on Bookstagram, much like how you should live your life, makes YOU HAPPY. Your Bookstagram should be free from all stress and worries, and should just be a safe place for you to gush about your favourite books.


The name of your Bookstagram account is really important because this is how other Bookstagramers will identify you and your account. You want to ensure that the name has something to do with books or a fandom so that you can easily be identified as a Bookstagram account. Remember that as with everything, branding is very important in order to build something successful and have people come back over and over again. Some Bookstagramers choose to include their name into their Bookstagram accounts, which is a good way to ensure that your Bookstagram is associated with you.

When naming my account, I initially did not want anyone that I knew personally to know about my account. So I created it without telling anyone and I also did not include my name in the Bookstagram account name. I decided to go with Exploring Books 2.0 since I wanted to reinvent the ways that books are explored. Yes, being clichéd is my forte.

So whatever you decide to name your account should be impactful and true to yourself.



After you’ve created your Bookstagram account, here is a checklist of things to get you going:

  • Write a bio on your account including your name, your bookish goals, and something personal about you. In my bio, I included my name, pen name, nationality, age, Goodreads Reading Goal, my YouTube Channel name, my Twitter, Snapchat and Personal Instagram handles, as well as a link to my YouTube Channel. You can add anything you want.


  • Post your first photo. This can be a photo of yourself, a photo of book(s) or your bookshelves introducing yourself and explaining in the description that you are new to Bookstagram as well as your vision for your Bookstagram. Your first photo should be very impactful and attractive to ensure that if people happen across your account, they would not leave without following you.
  • Follow other Bookstagram accounts. You can find accounts by searching the hashtag #Bookstagram. Like and comment on these accounts and begin to build your relationships on Bookstagram.
  • You’re ready to being your beautiful Bookstagram journey!

If you found this post helpful, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to share with your friends. Remember that Bookstagram is for everyone and anyone can be a Bookstagramer!

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I wish you every success in your Bookstagram journey.


With love,

Radeyah x

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