Poetry: Elixir of the Heart by Sharon Ghanny and R.H.Ali

Hey #TeamDeyah!

As you all know, I tend to write things from time to time. This book, “POETRY: ELIXIR OF THE HEART” is an anthology in which a few of my poems are published. These poems were mostly written by me when I was around 11 years old. When the opportunity presented itself to me to have them published, I took it. I do have some more recent ones published as well in this anthology, like the one about my Uncle Don who passed away about 3 years ago. I also have some of my paintings featured throughout this book.

This publication is indeed very special since it includes authors, artists and photographers from all over the world. So much talent is presented in this book!

Poetry- Elixr of the Heart .jpg


The inspiration for Elixir of the Heart started years ago when life threw a few unexpected turns. I found an Inner peace when the pen danced with the paper. I let the words and emotions take its own path, where it lead to beautiful places and happy faces. This book could not be possible without the collaboration of R.H. Ali, who brought some of the most talented poets, models and photographers from all around the beautiful island of Trinidad, West Indies. Every author in this book brings a piece of their cultural heritage and language from as far as Trinidad to Guyana, London to India and New York City to Puerto Rico, Jamaica to Haiti, and Panama to the Philippines. Every page tells a story so surreal that it comes alive. As an added extra this book contains a children section which captures the innocence of young artist, painters and poets from the tender age of 6 to 10.

Come sail on a voyage or travel down memory lane…where paths lead to trails and rivers flow to oceans. Where nights are filled with joy and laughter and days are filled with excitement and adventures. Photography so alive, so breathtaking that they leap from every page. Each poem tells a story, every story tells a volume one which peaks your interest to finding more hidden secrets. When you finally think you know where the words will lead you, a last it becomes a twist. The added surprise in this book is the works of the children of tomorrow. You see and read their innocence. Writing about their puppy or baking a cake, creating a class painting or a simply smile that would lighten up your face. So begin your journey, stare at a photo or sit by the ocean and soak up the sun. Wherever the book takes you…it will be most adventurous.

If you guys get the opportunity to purchase and read this book, your reviews will be greatly appreciated!



Radeyah xo


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